Theology Notes

How Much Did Christ Suffer?

"Christ suffered for you"(1 Peter 2:21).  But how much did he suffer?  To answer this question, many people reference the draconian Roman precision when it came to inflicting pain.  The crucifixion was designed to inflict a severe amount of pain:... Continue Reading →


When Miracles Follow the Law

"I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it," Jesus says.  But what can he mean?  I think today's mass readings provide a helpful depiction of how Christ fulfilled the law of Moses, given in the first... Continue Reading →

When Roots Must be Broken

Nathaniel gave me a small, pink-budded plant for Valentine's Day three years ago.  It has grown and grown, and, to curtail the saccharine conclusion, "It's grown like our love!" let me tell you, it looks quite goofy.  Its thick stems are... Continue Reading →

Theologia Moana

Zootopia edged out Disney's Moana for Best Animated Film at the Academy Awards, and  I thought the least I could do in protest was offer this blog post. Moana was delightful, and surprisingly resonant with themes in Catholic-Christian spirituality.  Finding unintended meaning in a book or... Continue Reading →

"Their gifts proclaim Him Christ and God, and King of Man. For by gold the power of a king is signified, by frankincense the honour of God, by myrrh the burial of the body; and accordingly they offer Him gold... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Teaching in “We Three Kings”

Today we celebrate the Epiphany.  Growing up I could never figure out what Oreintar was, or why the Three Kings were from there.  Now that I'm better acquainted with the lyrics to "We Three Kings," written by John Henry Hopkins Jr.... Continue Reading →

"As much as he became comprehensible through the fact of His birth, by so much more do we now know Him to be incomprehensible precisely because of that birth." - Maximus the Confessor, Ambiguum 5.5

New in Christ: Refreshing Human Nature

The sun lingers longer in the evenings, and the succulent on my windowsill has several small clusters of buds pressed against the glass like a rosy-cheeked child at a bakery window.  As 12/31/16 changes to 01/01/17, Nature, and her boarders, ache for... Continue Reading →

"What greater grace could God have made to dawn on us than to make his only Son become the son of man, so that a son of man might in his turn become the son of God?  Ask if this... Continue Reading →

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